States of Matter brings together a fun and more colourful sense to brutalist architecture. Solid, liquid and gas are the main elements for these series distorting in such way to provide a feel of a dystopian and imaginary scenery.

It all started by exploring the different techniques of various simulations that you can see unfolding in this animation. A creation of a story, a sequence that shows the melting process of solids and the liquid form of buildings.

Instead of working on visual special effects and simulations which can be seen in hundreds of blockbusters, States of Matter offers a graphic and abstract sense with a realistic feel.

Think about the architectural compositions from Carlos Scarpa, the Sedesowce buildings in Wroclaw in Poland and even the capsule hotel in Tokyo. All brutalists buildings have the sense of something dark, sometimes in a negative meaning. States of Matter offers a humorous, playful and light feel to the viewer with colour-ways drawn from Wes Anderson’s colour palettes.