BBC Proms 2017



Design & Animation
Executive Creative Director: Laurent Simon (BBC Creative)
Head of Design: Jane Wyatt (BBC Creative)
Creative Directors: Laurence Honderick (BBC Creative), Peter Dobes (Ink and Giants) & Dianne Dela Torre (Ink and Giants)
Senior Producer: Louise Braham (BBC Creative)
Producer (Ink & Giants): Jumoke Ogunkoya
Project Manager (Ink and Giants): Peter Dobes
Lead 3D Designer (Ink and Giants): Peter Tomaszewicz
3D Modelling & Animation (Ink and Giants): Peter Tomaszewicz, Charlotte Quillet, Jamie Hoy,
Texture (Ink and Giants): Peter Tomaszewicz, Jamie Hoy, Charlotte Quillet
Lighting (Ink and Giants): Peter Tomaszewicz
3D Illustration for Print (Ink & Giants): Dianne Dela Torre & Peter Dobes
2D Illustration: Janina Petrylaite (BBC Creative)
Compositing & Grading: Dianne Dela Torre (Ink & Giants) & Laurence Honderick (BBC Creative)
Storyboard Artist: Peter Dobes (Ink & Giants) & Laurence Honderick (BBC Creative)

Music Composer: Anna Clyne
Music: BBC Philharmonic